Flow Like the River

Featuring Sharon Abreu

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All words and music by Sharon Abreu, except "Teach Your Children" (by Graham Nash) and "Danny Boy" (traditional)

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The Magic's In The Glove upbeat, positive message guitar/vocal
The Marlboro Man Is Dead humorous, light, upbeat anti-smoking message guitar/vocal
The Best Laid Plans humorous, upbeat, corporate downsizing message guitar/vocal
Coincidence romantic, positive, fairly slow piano/vocal
Dust humorous, upbeat guitar/vocal
Teach Your Children cover of Graham Nash song, easy pace, with children's chorus guitar/vocal
Hallowed Ground serious, driven, Brazilian feel, murdered jogger theme piano/vocal
Pedestrian Blues tongue-in-cheek, upbeat but relaxed feel a cappella
License To Litter humorous, upbeat, anti-litter message guitar/vocal
Music Changing slow, melancholy, poetic guitar/vocal with violin
Potential upbeat, take a chance message guitar/vocal
Danny Boy cover of traditional, slow, poignant a cappella
Let My Life Flow Like The River slow, meditative, positive message for life with environmental message
(inspired by the Hudson River)
copyright © 2011 by Michael Hurwicz